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Customize your plate with various images and videos

Eatense is the world’s first customizable plate.

You can create your own plate with the smartphone app. Equipped with digital display, it allows you personalize your plate with tons of unique designs and photos. Selecting the right plate for your meal is key to attractive food presentation. You don’t’ need to think about it anymore. Make your own plate!

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Eatense is easy to use

Just Choose your design from your smartphone. That's it.

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Customize It

You can display your texts, food information, and videos on the screen. For instance, you can promote your store and turn every meal into a special occasion. It enhances your guests’ dining experience. Everyone knows that looks as good as it tastes. An attractive plate makes for a tasty dinner!

100% waterproof

All of eatense’s features come sealed within an waterproof body. It can be washed like other dishes.

Charging is simple

Place it on any wireless charging pad. And it’ll start charging automatically.

Creative Plating makes your food look great and enhances
your guests' dining experience

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EATENSE is not just made of ABS plastic material. The material of EATENSE is the same as regular plates. We’ve gone through many trials and errors in order to use the same material that normal plate uses. We overcome the problem! You can feel it the same as other plates.

Features of EATENSE’ s material

  • The surface is strong and stain-free.
  • It has excellent thermal insulation due to low thermal conductivity.
  • It is not easily discolored, and the coated surface is clean
  • It is not deformed because it is a thermosetting product.
  • It’s easy to clean and store.
  • It’s solid and light to use.


The material of EATENSE is harmless to the human body under normal use environment. For example, if you think about baby silicone bottle, you will understand it. This safe material is also used for waterproofing. We plan to receive a safety certification before shipping EATENSE.

Patented Feature

EATENSE has a Patented Feature found on no other plates.

(PCT/KR2018/016128, # 10-1927494).

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